I Was an Itchy Little Girl

I was an itchy baby and little girl: Eczema.

I caught every throat, ear and eye infection known to little kids: Strep, otitis media, tonsillitis, and conjunctivitis.

I was a sickly teen: Chronic GI pain, gut dysbiosis, and antibiotic dependency.

I was a fatigued, breathless young adult: Chronic fatigue and asthma.

My allergies weren’t merely an inconvenience like many assume them to be.

No. They were a lifestyle. They disrupted every aspect of my existence.

And they did so for decades.

Last week in this blog, I wrote about how Nux vomica 200 helped get me started on the road to recovery from my lifelong allergies, food intolerances and chemical sensitivities. But I want to share more…

When allergies are all-consuming, they are often best met with a homeopathic medicine that represents not just how the outside world has made an impression (too many meds, pesticides, erroneous foods, etc.), but also how the organism was made.

In that case, allow me to start at the beginning. I believe that in that (blessed) moment when the sperm meets the egg, the DNA is transferred and made into a human.

Excuse me if that doesn’t suit your thinking, but it is my strongly held opinion as a Catholic and homeopath that at this very moment, everything the mother and the father have to offer creates a whole new life.

Homeopathic literature is replete with the ultimate explanation of how DNA is affected by what each parent brings to the table. It’s called the Theory of Miasms and is based on Dr. Hahnemann’s treatise on the subject, The Chronic Diseases, which was published in 1828.

The subject of miasms and chronic disease (allergies, for example) is one that could set you studying in fascination for many years.

Here it is in a nutshell:

Hahnemann found that chronic diseases arise from a deep inner susceptibility that he called miasm and that it was related to specific, often contagious diseases that the parents, grandparents and even further back were exposed to or overtly contracted.

When assessing a case to determine the acute reaction in an effort to choose the proper homeopathic for its presentation (such as Ant crud 6 for eczema),it is as important to truly understand and unearth the essence of the person’s suffering, in which a good homeopath will at some point look to the miasm.

The miasm that most closely described me was Tubercular Miasm. The “picture” of this miasm is precisely what I presented from the moment I was born. There are a number of homeopathics that can be used to help uproot this DNA taint, but the one that hit the jackpot for me was a remedy that also happens to bear the name of the miasm itself: Tuberculinum.

Once I began studying homeopathy in greater depth, it became evident that I must, at some point, take this medicine.

Here’s how I did it:

I took Tuberculinum bovinum 200c every month for several months.

And oh, what a difference it made in me!

That was about 28 years ago, and it changed me from being a “person suffering from a serious health condition” to someone who could live a somewhat normal life.


I no longer have a need for Nux vomica (as discussed in last week’s blog (link here) because the bulk of my old allergic state has melted away, but I count on this monumental miasmatic medicine to keep any mild returning evidence of my family miasm at bay.

As such, I generally take Tuberculinum bovinum 200c (one dose only) around my birthday and half birthday every year.


Please don’t assume that because you or your loved ones suffer from allergies all you need to take is Tuberculinum to be cured. It’s a bit more involved than that.

In fact, I’m sure my colleagues might criticize me for even thinking that I could teach such a complex subject as this in this forum, but I love bucking the system…even the one I hold so dearly. I want to distill the complex into the simpler everyday so that families can successfully become enabled themselves.

If this intrigues you (don’t get me started on how much this subject excites me) and allergies are your middle name, you might just be interested in learning how your family miasms have affected your health and what you can do about it.

I will be spending a good amount of time on this subject in my upcoming online course Allergic!?

If this subject doesn’t resonate with you right now, no worries! Don’t go away. I’m concentrating on allergies for awhile because I’m spending so much time writing and refining this next course on them but I promise, I’ll get off this topic soon!

Just humor me for now, since this is all I’ve been thinking of lately.
Meanwhile, with fall coming into play and the inevitable acute sufferings of ragweed allergies sure to follow, check out this simple combination remedy by Boiron.(Perry to link here)

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